•  The First Global Emerging Markets Investor
    • “This micro-study seeks to fill this gap by undertaking detailed quantitative analysis of the leading investment trust investing widely in emerging markets during the first era of financial globalization before WWI. The history of this flagship  investment trust over more than three decades up to 1913 provides an insight into the relative success of this institutional innovation as well as into the risk and returns of investing in global emerging markets over a century ago.”
  • One of the All Time Great Business Battles
    • “We often tell the stories of unsung business pioneers and entrepreneurs. However, a far larger number of people have been a different breed – the long-serving employees and executives of the corporate world. Both of these groups have many lessons to teach us for today. Many of these corporate people spend their lives fighting valiant battles, innovating, and serving customers and stockholders, but their stories are rarely told. This is one of them, and one of the best.”
  • Financial Intermediaries in the Roman Empire
    • “This exercise reveals the extent to which the Roman economy resembled more recent societies and sheds light on the prospects for economic growth in the Roman Empire, for good financial markets and institutions help people who have ideas for production get resources to implement those ideas.”
  • Attitudes Toward Risk
    • “Attitudes to environmental and investment risk are examined to determine whether they were a defining characteristic of middle-class behavior in the period 1760 to 1850. Approximately 6,000 investors in eleven canal companies and seven railway companies were investigated to determine whether evaluation and mitigation of investment risk is determined by socio-economic background and gender. Investment risk was defined as inadequate access to, and imperfect interpretation of, information.”

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