• The Outsider Whose Vision Changed the Way We See
    • “The ‘little man,’ Adolph Zukor, would sooner or later get his way, and change the world as only a few other men and women have. Zukor’s story, and that of the empire he built — Paramount Pictures — is one of the great epics of innovation and entrepreneurship in American history. Let’s rewind to the beginning of this saga.”
  • The London Stock Exchange and the Colonial Market: The City, Internationalization and Power
    • “The rise of the City of London as a center for global commerce and finance is one of the most striking examples of the internationalization of markets before 1914. Yet within the City itself the transformation of the securities market was a remarkable case. By the mid-nineteenth century the London Stock Exchange was an already well-established organisation, but it served primarily domestic needs. From the 1850s, however, an influx of new foreign and colonial issues dramatically altered the market‘s orientation. Business increased enormously, but so too did risks.”
  • Women, Banks and the Securities Market in Early Eighteenth Century England
    • “I want to use this disparate work as a basis for considering how women operated in the markets of the early eighteenth century. It is clear from my earlier work that Hoare’s Bank customers facilitated their customers’ participation in the market by acting as brokers for them… It is also clear that Hoare’s Bank customers invested disproportionately in the South Sea Company as opposed to the other monied companies. Is there an explanation for this and has it anything to do with the Tory politics of the partners of the bank, of their customers and the South Sea Company? And what gender differences might we find in such a consideration?”

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