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Two history majors log onto an investing webinar…

A few weeks back I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing the one and only Harris “Kuppy” Kupperman. What made this interview particularly special was the fact that Kuppy is a fellow history major working in the investment industry, and views his understanding of history as a competitive edge in his role as Chief Investment Officer. As you can imagine, this was a fun conversation for me. Among other things, we discussed:

  • Macro Inflections: Thematic tailwinds and cycle changes
  • Event-Driven Inflections: Company transformations and special situations
  • Case Studies: Analyzing energy and uranium stocks
  • Historical Perspectives: Synthesizing the past in the investment proces

That said, I felt there was no better content for this weekend than sharing my interview with Kuppy in full. Click the link below, and have the full recording emailed to you instantly!



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