Investor Amnesia

My (Brief) Story

My name is Jamie Catherwood, and I launched Investor Amnesia in 2019 with the aim to merge two of my passions: finance and history.

I majored in History at King’s College London, and entered the financial services industry after graduating in 2017. After discovering the abundance of high-quality finance content (blogs, podcasts, etc.) online via Twitter, I noticed a gap in content solely devoted to financial history.

In 2018 I began writing a short series of articles on financial history that aimed to place current market events in historical context. To my surprise, they were well-received. From there I began posting my Financial History: Sunday Reads newsletter, which now hits some 14,000 inboxes each week.

Since these early beginnings I’ve gone on to give guest lectures for Jim Chanos’ course at the Yale School of Management, and had my work featured in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, Financial Times, CNBC and more. I’ve also made multiple appearances on both BloombergTV and Bloomberg Odd Lots podcast to discuss historical research.

Most recently, I launched an online financial history course (Bubbles, Manias & Fraud) that offers six hours of content taught by seven experts like Jim Chanos, William Goetzmann, etc.

The Goal of Investor Amnesia

History is an invaluable tool at investor’s disposal. The goal of Investor Amnesia is to provide investors with key insights and lessons from our past in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

New features and courses will continue to be added on here over time. My aim is to make this website the one-stop destination for all things financial history. If you are interested in connecting, please email [email protected].