Bubbles, Manias & Fraud

History is a compass. There are no clearly marked paths for navigating what the future holds. Yet, history is an invaluable compass for pointing investors in the right direction amid uncertain times.

By studying the historical patterns and trends that have repeated for centuries, we can better position ourselves for what lies ahead.

These seven lectures, which span more than six hours of content, are taught by legendary investors, world class professors, CNBC pundits, and best-selling authors.

This course is designed to help investors identify modern bubbles, manias and frauds using historical frameworks.

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6+ hours of content, 37 videos, 7 lectures.

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Short-Selling & Fraud.

The South Sea Bubble.

The Brewery IPO Boom.

Bicycle & Railway Manias.

And much more…

"This will be epic. Jamie is a true talent in this space with so much incredible information we can all learn from..."

Raoul PalFounder & CEO, Real Vision

"Like condensing the action scenes from a major blockbuster into one stream - looking forward to it!"

Noelle AchesonDirector of Research, CoinDesk

"Really looking forward to this."

Tracy AllowayExecutive Editor, Bloomberg News

"Investor Amnesia released an awesome class on financial history with some big names doing lectures. Can't wait to watch."

Dan McMurtrieCEO & Portfolio Manager, Tyro Partners

"This is awesome. Jamie digs through more economic history stuff than anyone I know and put together a great course."

Morgan HouselAuthor, 'The Psychology of Money' & Partner, Collaborative Fund

"Jamie is the only person I know who spends all his time reading about the history of finance. He now has a quick course you can take to get up to speed. Worth looking at"

Anthony PomplianoCo-Founder & Partner, Morgan Creek Digital Assets

Your Teachers

Jim Chanos

Founder, Kynikos Associates

Anne Murphy

Professor, University of Hertfordshire

William N. Goetzmann

Professor, Yale School of Management

Scott Nations

President, Nations Indexes

John D. Turner

Professor, Queens University Belfast

Gertjan Verdickt

Lecturer, Monash Business School

Dr. Andrew Odlyzko

Professor, University of Minnesota