Over the course of the last year, I have learned two very important lessons:

  • In general, people are much kinder and more generous with their time than you’d think. Regardless of status.
  • Building and maintaining a community based around shared interests is a great way to meet interesting people, discover new opportunities, and learn from others in your field.

In August 2018 I gathered what I believed to be the entirety of Finance Twitter in the DC area for dinner. There were seven of us. At the next Happy Hour, there were 30.

The connections made at these meetups have led to business opportunities, friendships, and fascinating discussions. Most importantly, however, it’s established a community of generous individuals willing to offer advice and support to others.

As the DC FinTwit meetups gained popularity, similar happy hours started popping up across North America.

This page serves as a home base for discovering your local community.

Each city has a designated contact for learning more about the local community, and future happy hours or events.

Washington D.C.

Jamie Catherwood


Dan Boduch

Los Angeles

Corey Hoffstein

New York City

Nick Maggiulli


Ryan Kirlin


Mike Philbrick