• Tulipmania, Irrational? 
    • “So if Tulipmania wasn’t actually a calamity, why was it made out to be one? We have tetchy Christian moralists to blame for that.”
  • The Bubble Act
    • “The final expansion of SCC involvement in state finance seems clearly to have drawn from the exploits of John Law and his management of the French State’s finances. As one English observer of Law’s ‘financial innovations’ noted that ‘[b]y the success of Mr. Law’s projects the public debt is paid off at a single stroke and the French King remains master of an immense revenue and credit without bounds’.”
  • Murderous Bankers
    • “A hurried decision was made: the assassinations would take place during the mass, and two priests would be pressed into service to fill out the list of assassins, since one of the original conspirators, the Count of Montesecco, refused to commit murder on holy ground.”
  • Early Female Investors
    • “The emerging stock market in London was now increasingly available to them for their own individual use. In examining the portrayal of commerce and gender, Ingrassia states that ‘stock-jobbing allows the women to transcend, however briefly, constraints on their activities and increase their knowledge, discretionary income, and power’.”

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