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A New Way to Invest in Travel

Airbnbs are expensive. You want to go to the beach, but it’s $300 a night for a 1BR apartment. The slope-side ski cabin in Colorado is $800 a night.

Now imagine how much money you could make if you invested in these properties instead.

Thanks to Here, you can! And you can get started for as little as $100.

Here is the first platform to offer fractionalized ownership of premiere vacation properties around the country. You no longer need hundreds of thousands of dollars to enter the real estate market either, Here has lowered the barriers to entry for the everyday investor.

The best part? Here handles everything from property inspections to upkeep, and you get a pro-rata claim on cash flow.

Invest in vacation real estate today with Here!


The Financial History of Empires & Conflict (Course)

Want to go deeper on the history of markets and conflict? Enroll in my latest online financial history course taught by experts like Niall Ferguson, Marc Andreessen and Tracy Alloway. Through 8+ hours of world class content you will learn:

  • How financial markets were impacted by previous invasions and wars
  • The role of financial innovations in predicting the outcome of war
  • Russia’s 1917 revolution & the closing of its exchange for 75 years
  • CFA holders can also earn CFA PL credits for this course!
  • And MUCH more.


Sunday Reads

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